Web Design – week 17


  1. Presentations: Erik, Madeline, Marina, Anthony, Anjelica
  2. Look at student websites
  3. Demonstrate how to Transfer a WordPress website to a new web hosting service
  4. Discuss the steps it takes to create websites for clients:
    1. Setting up shop/figuring out your policies and rates
      1. Get a domain name (GoDaddy, Namecheap)
      2. Get web hosting (Siteground) Web hosting companies compared
      3. Write down your policies and figure out how much to charge
      4. Get a business license (you will be providing a service). Put money aside for taxes.
      5. Get a payment service (PayPal, Square) and install Woocommerce on your site so people can use it to pay you
      6. Make business cards (Moo.com)
      7. Have somewhere to meet clients (office/home office or co-working space)
    2. Marketing
      1. Network – join local meetups and business groups
      2. Go to all kinds of events and chat people up and hand out cards. Also, always  keep learning
      3. Place Google Ads
    3. Creating a web design proposal
      1. See example contract
    4. Signing a contract/accepting a deposit/committing to a schedule
      1. Start Here – Once you take someone’s money, you have to deliver
    5. Doing the work
      1. Setting up a work schedule and deliverables: under-promise and over-deliver
      2. Build the site in a secret location where only the client and you can view it
    6. Launching the site
      1. Test the site on mobile, tablet, Mac, PC and on a variety of browsers (Browsershots)
      2. If appropriate, make a big deal out of the website launch (press release, have a launch party, etc.). Also, consider having a “soft launch” before the big launch to catch any errors
    7. Maintenance
      1. 80% of your income over time can come from maintenance



  1. Finish all book chapters
  2. Work on your WordPress site


  1. Work on your WordPress site