Animation – week 7


  1. There is a meeting at 3:00pm Thursday, outside this classroom for the Nogales Video Project. If you want to go, but can’t attend, contact Tim at (520) 414-9978
  2. Frostiana Project: summary, video 1video 2
  3. Presentation: Liz, Jafeth, Jose
  4. Watch How “Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse” Was Animated
  5. Work on Cognitive Drawing download pages 20, 21
  7. Work on storyboards


  1. Presentation: Aleah
  2. Article every Oscar-winning animation short, ranked
  3. Look at this article about how animation does a good job of communicating feelings
  4. Watch this short film about the history of animation
  5. Work on Cognitive Drawing download pages 24, 25
  6. 12 Principles of Animation:  5. Follow-Through and Overlapping Action
  7.  In-class exercise – animate hair on a character as a class, using the pose-to-pose animation technique and show follow-through and overlapping action. Examples of stereotypical male hair and female hair
  8. Note: we’ll do the Lip Sync in-class exercise next week. Download this audio file and download this thumbnail and save them both on your desktop (Note: here’s a video on how to do lip syncing)
  9. Work on storyboards


  1. Work on your storyboards