Animation – week 9


  1. Try to finish your storyboards this week so you can start animating your final project after spring break
  2. Cognitive Drawing: do pages 30 and 31
  3. How to use the camera in storyboard and animate
  4. 12 Principles of Animation: 7. Arcs
  5. Do Arc exercise – animate something to move in an arc, like an object being thrown or an animal leaping over something,  or use multiple arcs to animate  different parts of a character’s body
  6. Work on storyboards


  1. How to use the camera in Animate and Storyboard Pro
  2. Cognitive Drawing: do page 32
  3. Begin work on a walk cycle animation using the walk cycle image
  4. Download ToonBoom file: walk-cycle
  5. Work on storyboards


  1. Finish your storyboards