Applied Computer Graphics – Day 11


  1. Presentation
  2. Look at work done yesterday
  3. Discuss what an advertising campaign is and how it works. Look at the example of Pima’s “Keep Striving” campaign.
  4. Put students in two-person teams in order to complete an advertising campaign project, which includes the following:

    1. Billboard  graphic
    2. Internet home page graphic
    3. Van wrap-around
    4. Magazine advertisement

The four items cannot all be the exact same thing. You can use similar logos and themes, but each must be a unique graphic. You have the entire day to work on this project. Please use your time wisely. Don’t just whip something out in the first hour and claim you are done. Take your time and do something epic. If it’s not epic, I may ask you to do it again. This is a multi-day project. The first thing I will want to see are “sketches” of your entire campaign. These will be due Monday. Use the following dimensions:

  • Billboard graphic – put on an 11″ x 17″ landscape document
  • Internet home page – make it 2000 pixels wide by whatever height you want
  • Van wrap around – download template here
  • Magazine –  8.5″ x 11″ portrait

Make all graphics 300 ppi resolution


– Ad campaign