Basic Audio Production – week 14


  1. Presentations: Nathaniel, Jaime, Richard, Andrew
  2. Your PSA project is due on Dec. 3rd
  3. Your final project will be to set up the mics to record my band at my studio on Dec. 10th. It will also be a potluck/end-of-year party. We’ll meet at the regular class time (3:15 – 5:30) and then my band will play after that. My studio is ten minutes from Pima. It’s at 35 E. Toole Ave., downtown. You’ll need to bring some money for the parking meter.
  4. Look at storyboards for Project 2: PSA .
  5. Discuss book chapter – preamps2
    1. Video – why preamps?
    2. Proximity effect
    3. Shock mounts to get rid of low frequency rumble (decoupling – also works with foam and speakers)
    4. Off-axis pickup – see image in book.
    5. Popping – see pop filter and windscreen
    6. Close (zoom in like using a camera lens), distant, accent and ambient miking
    7. Leakage, 3:1 (or 5:1) rule
    8. Using Iso booth, using leakage as a good thing, to provide ambience and “bleed”
  6. For next week, get your script ready and shoot your video


  • Read Chapter 4
  • Complete  the next stage for Project 2 – PSA – get your script ready and shoot your video