Basic Audio Production – week 15


  1. Presentations: Nathaniel, Jaime, Andrew, Anthony
  2. Download and unzip these files
  3. Discuss where you are with your PSA project and what you should work on for next week (edit your video and work on ADR)
  4. Best DAWs
  5. How to create your own home studio
  6. Multitracks for mixing practice
  7. Work on sample audio project in Audition (check out the Adobe Audition Effects Guide)
    1. Parametric EQ (guitar track 31)
    2. Compression (Check out this beginner’s guide to compression)
    3. Reverb (guide to Audition Reverb)


  • Complete  the next stage for Project 2 – PSA – edit your video and start work on ADR. Your PSA project is now due on Dec. 10th
  • Reminder: your final project will be to set up the mics to record my band at my studio on Dec. 10th. It will also be a potluck/end-of-year party. We’ll meet at the regular class time (3:15 – 5:30) and then my band will play after that. My studio is ten minutes from Pima. It’s at 35 E. Toole Ave., downtown. You’ll need to bring some money for the parking meter.