Basic Audio Production – week 16


  1. Presentations: Any remaining
  2. Pass around a sign-up sheet for the potluck next week.
  3. Brief lecture:
    1. Sibilance
    2. De-esser filter
    3. Noise floor
    4. Noise reduction and gating
  4. Discuss where you are with your PSA project and what you should work on for next week ( edit video and add ADR)
  5. Work on your project with your team


  • Your PSA project is now due on Dec. 10th. Bring them to the studio and we’ll look at them there
  • Reminder: your final class will be learning about the recording studio. We’ll learn how to set up mics and record instruments on Dec. 10th. It will also be a potluck/end-of-year party. We’ll meet at the regular class time (3:15pm) and will have a 2-hour class, including time with a guest speaker, and then the recording and live versions of my band will play after that (about an hour’s worth of music, so you’ll be done by around 7pm). My studio is ten minutes from Pima. It’s at 35 E. Toole Ave., downtown. You’ll need to bring some money for the parking meter (just pay for an hour, no payment is required after 5pm).