Basic Audio Production – week 4


  1. Check in and let us know where you are with Project 1
  2. Discuss Neal Young article
  3. Demo microphones and accessories:
    1. Dynamic (moving coil, most common type of mic) – Shure SM58 – affordable (as low as $100) for loud sounds (used for vocals, loud instruments), can take a beating (used on tour a lot). Shure SM57 – used for instruments (snare drums, guitar amps, etc.) Talk about the way the mic is constructed
    2. Condenser – Neumann – expensive ($750 – tens of thousands) – used in-studio for vocals, cymbals, acoustic guitars, and high-end recording. Talk about the way the mic is constructed
    3. Mic stands (standup and desk), pop screen
    4. XLR (noise cancelling – balanced – can be very long) vs. TRS (tip-ring-sleeve, guitar, instrument, unbalanced, 1/4″ – can be noisy – should be short) 
  4. Lavalier  – clip-on mics used for interviews
  5. Discuss wind screens (dead cat), boom poles
  6. Microphone polar patterns
  7. Do Adobe Audition tutorial – download this file
  8. Work on Project 1 with your team


  • Work with your team on your commercial (Project 1) which is due in two weeks
  • Read this article, so we can discuss it next week