After Effects – week 7



  1. There is a meeting at 3:00pm Thursday, outside this classroom for the Nogales Video Project. If you want to go, but can’t attend, contact Tim at (520) 414-9978
  2. Presentation: Rene
  3. Look at some examples of student cinemagraphs
  4. What’s the difference between a wireframe, mock up, and prototype?
  5. Discuss new project: Portfolio Presentation
    1. Create an After Effects portfolio of either your work or something that interests you (it can be photos, illustrations, graphics, film, music, etc.)
    2. Use all your After Effects superpowers (video, audio, animation, etc.)
    3. Make the dimensions of the presentation any size you like. Make it last between 1 and 2 minutes (approximately)
    4. Start by creating a simple wireframe of what your presentation will look like. Here are some online examples. Have it ready for the next class
  6. Download and extract the files for this tutorial and do it as a class
  7. Work on project


  1. Presentation: Josue
  2. Look at wireframes for project. The next step is to create a Photoshop mock up of your project. Have that ready for the next class
  3. Continue working on UFO tutorial from Tuesday
  4. We’ll do the tutorials below next week:
    1. Tutorial 1: rotoscoping
    2. Tutorial 2: 3D text
  5. Work on project


  1. Do Chapter 6 for this week and upload to Google Drive
  2. Create a wireframe of the next project and share it with the class this Thursday