Animation – Week 2



  1. Attendance. Introductions and review syllabus
  2. Talk about Adobe login
  3. Here’s where you can get a  monthly subscription to the animation software we’re using for $9/month
  4. Create a folder on Google Drive and share with me.
  5. Talk about presentations
  6. Demonstrate how to use Cintiqs and pen checkout process. 
  7. Discuss history of animation, watch video
  8. Share physical and virtual examples of Zoetrope, 3D Zoetrope & Flipbook (Pixar), Thaumatrope, Praxinoscope


  1. Sketch the turnaround view of a character that you want to animate this semester. It can be black and white or color. Here’s a video of how to do it. Scan it in or take a digital picture of it that we can share with everyone during the next class. Upload it to your Google Drive folder. Due next class.
  2. Example below (click to enlarge):



  1. Look at character turnarounds
  2. Look at Harmony program


  • Work on improvements to turnarounds. We’ll look at them next week