Animation – Week 1



  1. Attendance. Introductions and review syllabus
  2. Talk about Adobe login.
  3. We’re going to use  Adobe Animate (Flash). Here is the book you will need:  Textbook
  4. Create a folder on Google Drive and share with me.
  5. Talk about presentations, i.e. “industry reports”
  6. Discuss history of animation, watch video
  7. Share virtual examples of Zoetrope, 3D Zoetrope & Flipbook (Pixar), Thaumatrope, Praxinoscope


  1. Sketch the turnaround view of a character that you want to animate this semester. It can be black and white or color. Here’s a video of how to do it. Scan it in or take a digital picture of it that we can share with everyone during the next class. Upload it to your Google Drive folder. Due next class.
  2. Example below (click to enlarge):