After Effects – Week 2



  1. Attendance, introductions and review syllabus
  2. Create a Google Drive folder and share with me.
  3. Talk about presentations
  4. Discuss Adobe login
  5. Look at example of great After Effects Projects (Forest, Stuxnet, Buenos Aires) with more here (Procrastination, Breaking Bad) Ira Glass, From Paper to Screen, 29 Ways to Stay Creative)
  6. Interface drive-by tour
  7. Talk about first project – animated text
  8. Do sample Project 1 together. Download these:
    1. American Flag video
    2. Here’s the JFK quote
    3. And some stirring music (the President’s March)


  • Work on ideas for Project 1 – 30 seconds long, animate a quote, song lyric or saying, add music. You may also add video and other extras if you like
  • Buy the book, do chapter 1, and upload the finished file to your Google Dropbox
  • On your own time, look at this post explaining frame rates