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    Colors are such a blessing! They make your world look beautiful, they bring joy in your life and make things happening with their energy and endless positivity. But when these colors are bombarded in an animation, it creates a mess, a huge mess and end up becoming complex structures/animation which are not at all useful. Same goes for logos, your logo should be simple but attractive and not complex or inconvenient to remember.
    Take some real life examples of great successful organizations like Nike, Apple, and, McDonald’s, there logos are the simplest yet they hold a giant market share in their respective markets. Why? Because their logos are influencing and easy to remember, everyone knows what that ‘Yellow M’ means or what is that one ‘tick’ for. You have create similar sort of logo which is simple but is influencing your customers. You can always create these simple logos by using online logo design tool services.
    What do you think?

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Instructor: Greg Loumeau