Game Design – week 1


  • Introductions
  • Syllabus
  • D2L – grading 1000 pts total, 800 pts for assignments (200 each month for 4 months) 150 pts for textbook assignments, 50 pts for presentation. The test in D2L will be about when you turned in your work. The day it’s due or before is an “A,” the next day is a “B,” and so on. Google Drive will record the days you upload your assignments.
  • Make a Google Drive folder called “gam101 your name” and share it with me: my e-mail address is
  • Discuss presentations
  • Cintiqs and pen checkout process
  • Sign photo release forms
  • How to Get an Adobe ID
  • Discuss computer commons on second floor
  • Some board games are available in the library for reference. Feel free to bring any unused board games in so we can build a library
  • Show board games made by the Gamecrafter
  • Form four teams, with each team having a diverse makeup (some people who are good at graphics, ideas, organization, etc.)