Game Design – week 13



  1. Presentation: Arthur, Nevin
  2. Your board/card games have been ordered and are estimated to ship on April 11th, so assume we’ll have them a week or so after that date
  3. Article: Why the Cool Kids Are Playing Dungeons & Dragons
  4. Article: Game Design is Not a Dream Job
  5. Some people have said you can save your Twine from a web browser, so let’s try it and see if that will work
  6. Look at student ideas for Twine games
  7. Here are the links to help you with Twine:
    1. Here’s How to Create Your First Twine Story
    2. Here is how to use the Harlowe formatting language
    3. Here is a Twine help page
    4. Here is a Beginner’s Tutorial
  8. Work on  your Twine game as individuals


  1. Presentation: Emma
  2. Look at and discuss Twine drafts
  3. Time to work on Twine games


  • Work on your Twine Game