Game Design – week 14



  1. Presentation:
  2. Consider going to Rincon this year
  3. Examples of Sugarcube coding
  4. Look at student ideas for Twine games
  5. Here are the links to help you with Twine:
    1. Here’s How to Create Your First Twine Story
    2. Here is how to use the Harlowe formatting language
    3. Here is a Twine help page
    4. Here is a Beginner’s Tutorial
  6. Work on  your Twine game as individuals


  1. Presentation: Max, Katheryn
  2. Your board games have been produced and are on their way to us. We should have them next Thursday.
  3. Some info from The Gamecrafter website
    1. Free game art resources
    2. Card templates
    3. RPG now
  4. Article: Sony Clamps Down on Sexual Content in Games
  5. Look at and discuss Twine drafts
  6. Time to work on Twine games


  • Work on your Twine Game