Game Design – week 16


  1. Presentations
  2. We have two classes left – this one, and the one next week
  3. Check in with each team to see how they are doing on updating their board game and providing me with a printed set of rules
  4. Check in with people on Twine game – complete it for next class, and bring it in, so we can test it out
  5. If you have time (extra credit project). once finished with the Twine game, work on getting your game into Tabletop Simulator
  6. Demo how to import games into Tabletop  Simulator
  7. Here is the Tabletop Simulator Wiki
  8. Here is the Tabletop Simulator Knowledgebase
  9. Where to find the card deck templates on your computer
  10. Steam is on the class computers, so you should be able to download it. The cost is $20, so perhaps you can split that between the members of your team


  • Make final changes to your board/card games and upload to gamecrafters website and give me a printout of the rules
  • Finish Twine game
  • Put your board/card game into Tabletop Simulator