Game Design – week 9




  • Talk about recent game testing, what to do when team members let you down, being tactful with evaluations
  • Presentation: Tyler Gomez
  • Article: A Woman’s Board Game About Birds Takes Off
  • Article: Queering Dungeons & Dragons
  • Review the first part of chapter two
  • Discuss these game design concepts:
    • ludology – the study of game rules and mechanisms
    • narratology – the study of player story lines and experiences
    • Marc LeBlanc wrote the game design book “Eight Kinds of Fun,” which are:
      • sensation
      • fantasy
      • narrative
      • challenge
      • fellowship
      • discovery
      • expression
      • submission
  • Talk about deadline for current game  finish the games and send them to Gamecrafters by end of March)
  • Your next project can be done solo or in a small team


  • Look at the next section in the textbook
  • Work on your game with your team – prepare to have it manufactured at Gamecrafters