Interactive Design – week 3



  1. Discuss targeted ad mockups, which should now be in more of a storyboard format, showing what will happen with the animations
  2. Share class presentation schedule
  3. Do a new (slower) demo of how to use Adobe Animate
    1. Timeline video
    2. What is Animate?
    3. Create a Motion Tween – download this file
  4. Start converting your projects into animations
  5. Check out Bannersnack
  6. HTML 5 banner ad examples
  7. Article about creating banner ads
  8. 50 tips for designing the perfect web banner ad


  1. Look at the mockups, which should now have some limited animation. Make suggestions for the next steps
  2. Learn how to create animated handwriting. Download lipstick
  3. Do paint tube animation. Download paint and tree
  4. Answer any questions about Chapter 2

Discussion (we’ll be talking about these topics over the next few weeks)

  1. Presentation
  2. Discuss Multimedia Formats & Funding Options (we may discuss these topics next week, if we run out of time today)
    A. Web apps
    B. Mobile platforms, Mobile apps, Proprietary
    C. Crowdfunding: Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Patreon (Jason Brubaker), TLC


  • Do Chapter 2 in the book for Thursday and upload your work to the Google Drive
  • Work on targeted ad we discussed in class