Animation – Week 1


  1. Attendance. Introductions and review syllabus
  2. Here’s where you can get a  monthly subscription to the animation software we’re using for $9/month
  3. Create a folder on Google Drive and share with me.
  4. Talk about presentations
  5. Demonstrate how to use Cintiqs and pen checkout process. 
  6. Discuss the long-range view of the projects this semester – start planning now for the final project.
  7. Discuss history of animation, watch video
  8. Share physical and virtual examples of Zoetrope, 3D Zoetrope & Flipbook (Pixar), Thaumatrope, Praxinoscope


  1. Sketch the turnaround view of a character that you want to animate this semester. It can be black and white or color. Here’s a video of how to do it. Scan it in or take a digital picture of it that we can share with everyone during the next class. Upload it to your Google Drive folder. Due next class.
  2. Example below (click to enlarge):




After Effects – Week 1


  1. Attendance, introductions and review syllabus
  2. Cintiqs, pens, checkout process
  3. Create a Google Drive folder and share with me. Talk about presentations
  4. We need a note taker for this class. You could make $120 for taking notes
  5. Look at example of great After Effects Projects (Forest, Stuxnet, Buenos Aires) with more here (Procrastination, Breaking Bad) Ira Glass, From Paper to Screen, 29 Ways to Stay Creative)
  6. Terminology video
  7. Interface drive-by tour


  1. Buy the book. You will need to download the exercise files and have access to the After Effects software to do the homework.
  2. Do chapter one and upload your finished work to your Google Drive folder. We’ll go over it together during the next class.

Game Design – week 1


  • Introductions
  • Syllabus
  • Make a Google Drive folder called “gam101 your name” and share it with me: my e-mail address is
  • Discuss presentations
  • We need a note taker for this class – any volunteers? Pima will pay you $120 to take notes
  • Cintiqs and pen checkout process
  • Some board games are available in the library for reference
  • Show board games made by the Gamecrafter
  • Form four teams, with each team having a diverse makeup (some people who are good at graphics, ideas, organization, etc.)
  • Explain Game Jam  assignment


  •  Check out this article and this one
  • Look at this article about the history of board games
  • Game Jam – come up with an idea you can quickly create with your team and create a draft version of your idea for the next class. The deadline to submit your game to the game jam is January 31st (Feb. 1st at 1am)

Instructor: Greg Loumeau