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Thank you, Van the Man!

My heart almost broke last year, when one of my favorite albums, “The Best of Van Morrison,” was stolen from my studio by a whacked-out kleptomaniac. After Kleptogirl ran off with my CD in her bag, I immediately drove down to Zia Records and bought another copy.

A couple of weekends ago, I listened to the album twice: on a trip to Phoenix and on the way back to Tucson. 

When I got home, I sat down and wrote a song so full of light and beauty that I should probably share the credit with Mr. Morrison, but I guess the “klepto” energy swirling around the album is making me want to keep it all for myself.

Thanks, Van! You’re still the man (even if I am keeping the publishing rights). 🙂

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Heavenly Choir

The lyrics of a new song we’re working on, called “Somehow,” are so sad, they have been declared a health hazard by the FDA. In order to avoid having people spontaneously combust when they hear the song, my band mates, Uma, Harry and Troy, came into the studio on Saturday and recorded a beautiful “heavenly choir” to balance out what some scholars are calling the inherent “nimia tristitia” (Latin for “music that crushes your mellow”).