Step 1

The Dreamer’s Manual:
16 Steps to Achieve Your Creative Goals

Step 1: Imagine Your Success


Think about a creative goal you would like to achieve.

Maybe you want to write a ground-breaking book, compose a hit song, or make incredible artwork. Maybe you want to launch a creative product or service. Pick one thing you want to do.

Now imagine yourself doing it.

Give yourself permission to pretend you are doing what you always wanted to do. Think about what it looks like; what it feels like. Imagine your success.

Extraordinary Tools

We use our bodies as tools to navigate the physical world: our legs take us from point A to point B, and our hands open doors. We also use our minds as tools: as calculators to determine what is in our bank accounts, and as databases to store our “to do” lists and memories.

But the mind and body are capable of much more. Some people train their bodies to become Olympic athletes; some train their minds to become Nobel Prize-winning physicists

We are generally so busy using our minds and bodies to do ordinary things, we forget they can do extraordinary things.

And one of the most powerful tools we posses is our imagination: we can think of nonexistent thing and then create them. We can think of things we want to do, and then do them.

Step 1: Imagine your success























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