Dreamco Game Night


Featured Game for Tuesday, August 2nd at Snakes and Lattes: Diner Duel


Game: Diner Duel
Ages: 10+
Type: Sci-fi themeed strategic board game
Players: 2-4
Time to Play: 60 minutes
Description: A strategy game where four players battle Martian robots on a tablecloth in a 1950’s diner, using a delightful variety of condiments, to determine the future of planet Earth.

Please see more images from the game in the gallery below.

Other Dreamco Games Available to Play on Game Night


Game: Skyrose
Ages: 10+
Type: Fantasy-themed strategic board game
Players: 2-4
Time to Play: 90 minutes
Description: Intrepid adventurers battle dragons, sea monsters, and the undead in order to lead their tribes to victory in the land of Skyrose! 


Game: Onamona
Ages: All
Type: Card game
Players: 2-6
Time to Play: 10 minutes
Description: A fast-paced memory card game featuring six adorable cartoon animals. It is non-stop fun for kids and adults. 


Ages: 10+
Type: Abstract strategy board game
Players: 2-4
Time to Play: 15 minutes
Description: This game has been described as “the rainbow-colored love child of checkers and Othello.” It’s a fun strategy game that’s easy to learn but hard to master. 


Game: Neversnake
Ages: 12+
Type: Fantasy story board game
Players: 2-4
Time to Play: 60 minutes
Description: Neversnake is a strategic adventure game. Players use tokens to tell stories about their adventures which can propel them forward towards their goals while holding other players back.


Game: Decaball
Ages: All
Type: Desktop pinball
Players: 2
Time to Play: 15 minutes
Description: Decaball is a fantastically fun tabletop pinball game for two players.


Game: Castle Dragons
Ages: All
Type: Dexterity game
Players: 2
Time to Play: 15 minutes
Description: Castle Dragons is a great game for two people who want to have an epic physical duel. 


What is Dreamco?
Dreamco is a Tucson company that publishes and distributes original board games. 

What’s the Dreamco Game Night?
This is a fun event where game developers introduce their latest card and board games. 

Are the Games Any Good?
Yes! We review each game before it makes it to the table, to make sure it is enjoyable.

What Ages Can Play? 
The event is for all ages. Each game listing contains information about the appropriate age of players.

Are There Prizes?
Yes. We have some cool prizes for game winners!

Where Can I Park?

There is back-in parking on the street, which is free after 5pm, and also a paid parking garage.

Do I Have to Sign Up Online to Play?
You can simply come down and  join us for the event, but if you could let us know in advance how many are coming, and when, we would appreciate it. Please contact us via e-mail at info@dreamco.com.

What Games Will Be Played?
Please see the list of games above.

Can I Bring My Own Game?
We would love to include your games in our events! Please note we are looking for games that are ready to play, include a rulebook, and have good quality components. Please send an e-mail to info@dreamco.com and let us know what games you want to host, on what date, and how we can get a hold of you.

Is This a Regular Thing?
Yes, it happens the first and third Tuesday of every month. Please check back to see the game list for future dates.

Can I Order Food and Drink?
Yes, you can enjoy delicious food and drink from the Snakes & Lattes menu while playing cool new games.

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