Monkey, Tower, Key, Stone


(Challenge/Patterns) Ages: 12 and Up

Available in 2020. Pre-order now.
You are a master thief who has trained a group of monkeys to sneak into high-end homes, grab door keys, and steal valuables. Will your monkeys return with the goods and make you rich, or will a rival thief’s monkey gang get there first?

Monkey, Tower, Key, Stone is a fun game for 1- 6 players. Each ring of the game board holds only one type of game tile. Your challenge is to create more paths to the treasure in the center than your opponents. Whoever ends up with the most loot, wins!

Game Preview:


Game Includes:

  • Gameboard
  • Rulebook
  • 4 Dice (d6, d12, d18, d24)
  • 60 color hex tiles










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