Sneaky Seven


(Resource Management/Competitive or Cooperative/Solo Mode) Ages: 12 and Up. 1-6 Players.

Available in 2020. Pre-order now.

In a parallel universe, where monkeys rule the Earth, a secret military program was created to conduct highly dangerous and illegal missions. Sergeant Shirley Sneakivitz, aka “Sgt. Sneaky,” was put in charge of Operations, and assigned a crew of six elite officers, who were specialists in the fields of Explosives,
Security, Weapons, Safecracking, Technology, and Hacking. While officially, the program didn’t exist, unofficially, the team became known as the “Sneaky Seven.”

The goal of the game is to recover the most loot and be appointed monkey team leader.

The game takes place in downtown Paris, France, where six famous museums sit in an area called “Museum Row.” Six additional businesses surround the museums, as well as populated neighborhoods. Players must first rob three houses, then turn them into “safe houses,” where they can store jewels, cash, and loot they acquire. Next, they must use their money to buy resources and vehicles to utilize on future jobs.

Players determine what resources are necessary to break into businesses by reading the provided Job Requirements cards, and then must find a way to buy or trade for those resources. Additionally, players may pay to go to the Underground Academy, to learn new skills, and acquire resources.

Players can choose to work cooperatively, or compete against each other, to achieve their goals, but they must be careful, as there is no honor among monkey thieves. The game also includes a challenging and fun solo mode, for 1-person play.

Each job requires a unique mixture of skills and a specific vehicle, in order to be successful. Vehicles include: tanks, boats, rocket ships, and subway trains. Players must be careful when robbing businesses, as there is always the chance the police will catch them and they’ll end up spending the night at the police station.

Game Preview:


Game Includes:

  • Gameboard
  • Rulebook
  • 3 Dice (black and white d6, d12)
  • 18 House Tokens
  • 6 Player Tokens
  • 24 Vehicle Tokens (boats, tanks, rockets, trains)
  • 18 Jewels
  • 1 Set of Monkey Money
  • 1 Black Market Mat
  • 24 Loot Cards
  • 6 Decks of Resource Cards
  • 6 Job Requirement/Asset Cards
  • 6 Card Stands
  • 6 Character Cards
  • 12 Location Cards
  • 30 Education Chips










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