My publisher made arrangements from a distance to have me read and record portions of my manuscript at the studio, currently located in a Tucson warehouse area occupied by a number of artistic-oriented businesses. This was my first serious recording engagement, so I was unsure about what I would find. Thankfully my uneasiness was unfounded. Greg, the owner, and Taylor were true professionals during six days of recording and editing. They were patient, knowledgeable, meticulous, and a lot of fun to work with. For their expertise, efforts, and results I give them an A+. I will definitely return to the studio if I have a similar project.

Lee Guyer, Macalester College

While interning at the studio, I learned something new every day. I started off learning how to operate their Presonus 16-channel mixer, and used Logic Pro to mix and master songs. I learned how to record on Logic, and adjust levels for their band, Smallvox, on the Presonus. I also learned how to set up microphones for the band and set up for a live performance. During my time there. I also helped build a sound room, which was exciting, to say the least, because I now know how to soundproof a room using sound absorption and isolation material. Greg and Taylor were great, and very patient in helping me learn everything I could in the time that I had. They are genuine people that really looked for opportunities to teach me something new every day. The band is awesome, full of humorous and lively people, and very fun to jam out with! My stay at the studio was just as I hoped it would be and more, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Kailey Caldwell

When I had to observe a studio recording session for a class project, I called studios all over town asking if I could come in and observe, but I wasn’t having any luck. That’s why I was surprised when this studio not only called me back, but was friendly and accommodating as well—Greg actually helped with me with directions when I was having trouble finding the building! He gave me a tour of the studio and explained the different recording techniques and equipment they were using. In the control room Taylor demonstrated how he used the Presonus Firestudio interfaces with Logic Pro 9 to mix and record, and even explained some new experimental recording methods he was trying. Overall, I found it very interesting and learned a lot from just observing that one session! I would love to come back sometime soon to observe again.

Chase Rigby

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