The Dreamer’s Manual

16 Steps to Achieve Your Creative Goals

The Dreamer’s Manual is a series of sixteen steps to achieve your creative goals. We publish a new step every week. These steps are not the only path to success, and the order is not fixed in stone. Feel free to discard, rearrange, or customize this information to fit your needs.

Step 1: Imagine Your Success

Step 2: Overcome Obstacles

Step 3: Make It You

Step 4: Make a To Don’t List

Step 5: Create Momentum

Step 6: Be Unrealistic

Step 7: Focus

Step 8: Consult the Oracles

Step 9: Untether Your Mind

Step 10: Be an Imperfectionist

Step 11: Adapt

Step 12: Scale the Wall

Step 13: Be Direct

Step 14: Sell Your Soul

Step 15: Be Careful

Step 16: Persevere

About the Author
Greg Loumeau is an artist and educator. He is the founder of Dreamco Media, Inc. Greg holds a B.A. from the University of Arizona. He is a faculty member in the Digital Arts Department at Pima Community College.

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